A Whole New Meaning
Aug 8th, 2007 by Sonja

Jack Nicholson in hospital gown

This headline caught my eye this morning … “Passenger hid monkey under hat.” Since it came through BBC, I thought surely it was in another country. With the new, improved and outstanding security measures in place in our country since 9/11 that could not possibly have happened here.

(Pardon me … I need to pause and pull my tongue out of my cheek before I get gangrene.)

What? No … it DID happen here. Passengers saw a man with a monkey in his HAT (for godssake) on a flight from Florida to New York. So they inquired, “Sir, do you know that you have a monkey on your head?”

I am NOT making that up. Read it for yourself.

First it was take off your shoes while going through security … now it will be take off your hat. Next thing you know we’ll all be issued hospital gowns. As LightHusband says … “It’ll give a whole new meaning to sitting next to strange people on the airplane.”

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