A Prayer …
Aug 14th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

… for a fellow RevGal who is going through a rough stretch with her community. You can read about it here and then click on “next entry” four or five times to get the whole story. It’s a terrible tragedy.

May God shed the light of His grace and mercy and compassion on Cheesehead and all of her people during this time of tragedy and trial. We pray you gracious God to send your peace which passes all understanding to all of the family members of the victim; that they might know Your redeeming love in ways deeper and wider than ever. That they might experience redemption in such a way that their relationships might be redeemed at some point in the future. Father we especially hold Cheesehead up to you during this time and ask for extra helpings of strength and grace for her as she tends to your flock, binding up the brokenhearted, and tending to her own wounds as well. Lord, it is not enough for us to know that the world is full of evil, we beseech you for reminders that You are good. That it is in You we will find our strength and our joy regardless of the situation. We thank you for your steady right hand supporting Cheesehead and your loving left arm that is embracing her as she goes. It is in the name of your precious Son, given that we might live, that we pray this night … Amen.

Vacation Morning
Aug 14th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

LightBoy and Sam playing.

I was catching up on my sleep.

We’re going to Circus Smirkus this afternoon.

Aug 14th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

My dog Sam loves to chase tennis balls.

Aug 13th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

I took Sabbath today in an odd way. I did not rest and yet I feel refreshed in many parts of my spirit that I have not felt in years.

I worshipped with my father. We discussed weather forecasting and the fact that my old wive’s tales are correct a greater percentage of the time than the media professionals. We got warm in the sun on the edge of the lake and wondered about the state of a rope which had soaked itself for the summer and how long it would take to dry out sufficiently to be tied off and melted.

LightHusband and I did laundry at our traditional laundrymat. Usually we do laundry during the week up here. This year we did it on a Sunday. What a treat. There was laundry comedy and laundry philosophy. A lady came in who announced to us that she had some new jokes for us this week. Here is one:

What do Winnie the Pooh and John the Baptist have in common? (answer at the end)

She had some other jokes, but they were a little off-color. She wore a very large brimmed floppy hat. She said she told jokes because she hated doing laundry so much that this made it fun. I thought that was a very good coping strategy.

Another man came in with about 8 small laundry baskets full of laundry. He clearly had a complicated system. I wondered about his system. He asked, of no one in particular, “Why is it that today all the dryers are full, but the washers are empty? How did that happen?” Laundry mat philosophy at it’s finest.

Oh, you want the answer: They both have the middle name “the” … we cracked up!

Sign seen on a local church: Spiritual Progressivism. It made me wish I’d gone to that service.

We went grocery shopping while the clothes dried in the full dryers at a small local grocery store where the checkout clerk was fast and helpful, and she smiled at us while she checked our groceries (even tho she was a “sullen” teenager). And I made a blueberry pie when I came home.

In all, a good Sabbath rest. The clothes are clean, the larder is full and the week is ready to begin.

Summer Fruit …
Aug 12th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

I guess I can still do Friday Five on Saturday morning! I looked and looked all day yesterday, but didn’t see the post til this morning. What was up with that??!! Internet weirdness …

Galatians 5 describes the fruit of the Spirit. With all the sadness and despair out there, we certainly need it! So, the Friday Five is simple. Pick any five of the following attributes and go wherever the Spirit leads you… your choice!

Love is a tomato (the love apple from colonial days); it has a sharp bite to begin but then goes down sweet.
Joy is warm raspberries with cold cream on a summer’s evening; it resonates down to your toes.
Peace is olives (yes, they are a fruit) borne on a branch.
Patience is a pomegranate (for the obvious reasons) and I always struggle with this one.
Kindness is an apple glossy and sweet.
Generosity is strawberries in a great big shortcake (with real whipped cream).
Faithfulness is a banana; always there when you need them.
Gentleness is a watermelon with the juices dribbling down your chin. It should overwhelm all who indulge in it.
Self-control is blueberries; who can eat just one?

Weather Forecast
Aug 10th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

Tonight’s weather: partly cloudy, full moon, chance of rain … temps in the lower 50’s!

And the view cannot be beat … it makes up for the Manu-Aire that wafts up the lake occasionally.

Aug 10th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

Ahhh … the fresh scent. Breath in deep. You only get it out in the country; that distinct aroma of freshly spread “fertilizer.” When the south wind blows up the “Point,” we get it from the farms down the lake. Manu-Aire … we decided to give it it’s own name. The LightChildren +OneFriend don’t quite understand and roll their eyes. LightHusband and I think it’s perhaps too funny. We chortle with glee at our own joke as our eyes water and our noses clear out.

The minor joys of vacation.

Aug 9th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

Seen on the newsstand as I walked into a drugstore. Then I realized that the piped in music was the chorus to “Jeremiah was a bullfrog.” The lyrics I heard (“joy to the world, all the boys and girls, singin’ joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me) as I read the headline:

Soldier from Sharon Killed in Baghdad Blast

and looked at the photo of a bright young man cut down before he began a half a world away.

I’ve never understood this war and I’ve looked at it from many sides now. But the one thing that makes my bones angry, that leaves me with the taste of mara in my mouth is that there are not enough bumperstickers in the world to support our troops. It is not support when their bodies come home in secrecy. It is not support when we cannot get a proper accounting of who has been injured, who has died, and who will never be the same again.

Magnets are cheap. Grieving is hard. But that’s one way to support our troops and their families. I wonder when we’ll get around to doing that? Or will we just keep whistling “joy to the world” in the dark?

Our Own Private …
Aug 9th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

… Island. Here’s how we spent the day on Sunday (with LightHusband’s parents, sister and her family). And now I’m recuperating from spectacular sunburn, despite many reiterations of 45 proof sunblock!

Traffic is stuck, we’re not moving anywhere.

Lawns in the center, surrounded by international waters … in the middle of Lake Champlain!

Jump! You might as well jump …

Splish, splash I’m a takin’ a bath …

Thought you’d found a friend, take you out of this place, lend a helping hand …

Mothers and daughters enjoy a rare moment.

Day Three
Aug 9th, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

We made our annual pilgrimage to
Shelburne Museum yesterday. This has become a tradition that the LightChildren love. We even have a traditional exhibit that must be seen first. I’d tell you why the LightChildren are so fascinated, but first you have to click on the link to see what it is.

I got to see the temporary Georgia O’Keefe exhibit. I’ve only ever seen her more well known flowers and some of her southwestern inspired pieces with the bones in them. This exhibit really spanned her entire career. There was a timeline as well that gave clues to her life. She was fascinating. Her art was inspiring. Some of it was quite crudely done and I wondered why it was so sought after. Other pieces were breathtaking. In the morning, I’d read this bit by Christy at Dry Bones Dance and so I had echoes of thoughts about setting appropriate boundaries running in my head as I walked through this exhibit. I wondered about Georgia’s life and times. I thought about her ability to set boundaries and follow her muse despite what must have been enormous pressure to be a feminine woman, have a husband, and children. I didn’t come to any conclusions, but I think I’d like to read a biography and find out more about her.

I also got to see the Kaleidoscope Quilts exhibit. I’ll have to come clean here and say that it was the primary impetus behind my desire to go to the museum. But the LightChildren do love it and OneFriend likes museums too. I enjoyed the quilts and my conversation with the quilter (president of the state guild as she was sure to inform me) who was there to talk to visitors.

In the same building with the quilts were other displays of antique needlearts. Of particular interest to me are the samplers; needlework done by young women about LightGirl’s age to highlight the skills they had learned throughout their youth. That they were now ready to take on the larger tasks of womanhood. One sampler in particular stood out to me, the saying on it was thus: “In God We Hope.” The difference of one word and it makes all the difference.

We went on to visit the old schoolhouse, the displays of antique woodcarving (cigarstore fronts, weathervanes, ship figureheads, etc.), the blacksmith shop and the smithy. The blacksmith was calm and wonderful to speak with. He talked to the LightChildren +OneFriend about the joys and dangers of smithing. They (all four) had quite a philosophical conversation about whether or not having wealth was good or bad. It was interesting to be a bystander to that and hear the children wrestle through some of what they’ve heard us talk about.

In God we hope.

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