Going, Going, …
Aug 3rd, 2006 by aBhantiarna Solas

… gone! Well. We’re off. Today we leave for our vacation. Sunday we pick up the LightChildren + OneFriend and head for camp.

The house is pretty clean. We relaxed some here and got ready on our own time. This was fairly novel. I really enjoyed it.

This morning I checked the weather, as I sipped my coffee. For last few of you not convinced that global warming isn’t happening, WeatherUnderground read like a Monty Python skit this morning. For some reason, I just couldn’t stop laughing. In the North Atlantic, (my pet) Tropical Storm Chris. In the Pacific, Tropical Depression Faabbbio. Temperature – 73 … humidity 94%. The air is nine and half months pregnant with water; the molecular miniscus cannot hold.

It’s supposed to be cooler and dryer in Vermont; I hope so. My sewing is packed. My books are packed. My clothes. LightHusband has his fishing and photography equipment to document our adventure. So … we’re on our way. Here’s a photo of the quilt top I finished and sent out to be quilted yesterday. My big accomplishment before leaving.

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