How To ….
Nov 19th, 2006 by Sonja

This was funny.

I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post, that I’ve personalized my Google homepage. Now I get a “How To …” everyday. It’s interesting to see the “How To” of the day. Some days it’s “How To Make a Purse Out of Candy Wrappers.” One day it was “How To Regain Control of An Unruly Camel.” I wondered how many people found that advice useful. Around Halloween there was “How To Make Realistic Fake Blood.” That was fun. I’ve found all sorts of useful and useless information by clicking on the links provided.

The other day there was a link on “How To Buy a Christmas Tree from a Tree Farm.” Hmmm … sounds interesting. So I clicked on the link and read the information. There were indeed a few tips in there that I’d not thought of and could prove useful. At the end were some other related links, including one that said “How To Celebrate Christmas.” Well, I thought, that could prove interesting. I wonder what’s in there? So I clicked on it. Okay, well that information was fun and it was different, reading about the holiday from a more objective perspective. There were, of course, related links … among them, “How To Accept Jesus As Your Saviour.” Whoa … what’s this? In a WikiHow site? How strange. So I clicked on it. It was pretty standard fare (except that I disagreed with step one … I think it is possible to believe in God **and** that evolution is a valid biological theory). If you’re not interested in faith, it might seem fairly obnoxious and slightly cult like. Among the related links? “How to Avoid Becoming a Religious Zealot” … oh … yeah.

How to get from buying a Christmas Tree to Not becoming a Religious Zealot in 4 easy steps. 😉

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