Thankful …
Nov 24th, 2006 by Sonja

It’s not often I take time out to actually make a list. I don’t do it often enough. So here (in no particular order) are some of the things I’m thankful for this November 23.

-For being sick … it’s given me a chance to sit still and reflect more deeply on some things that I needed to. Even though my brain is fairly clogged I’ve managed to do that.

– For coffee … I’m always thankful for coffee. I love coffee. Regular, with cream, no sugar. Iced in the summer. I especially love Fair Trade coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters made in a french press. I’m grateful to the Incans or the Mayans who first looked at the beans hundreds of years ago and saw potential there.

-For my parents … they both grounded me and gave me wings. Most importantly they taught me how to learn and what was important to learn. How to ask questions. How to be curious about the world around me and within me.

-For my children … they continue to ground me and give me wings. They help me to continue to be curious and love to learn.

-For my quilting sisters in my quilt guild … they consistently build and encourage the spirits of all who are there.

-For my faith community who allow me to explore rabbit holes of theology with them and they come along happily.  Sometimes they find new rabbit holes of their own.  Who pour out grace and mercy in abundant supply and remind me that Jesus isn’t just one person anymore and that’s a good thing.

-For Smaug (the dragonification of my panic disorder and depression) he’s helping me to learn new and healthier manners of living in the world.

-For Fair Trade and other shopping opportunities that allow me to use my money in a way that benefits real people who really need it.  It feels like a two for one deal.

-For my friends who share their lives with me and I get to share with them.  Who share their Thanksgiving dinners at the last minute when we’re sick and we’ve shared with them under similar circumstances.

-For all of our siblings … and their spouses … they make us laugh and help stabilize our keel.  There is something about being with your siblings that cannot compare to anything else.

-For good beer … need I say more?

-For beautiful fabric and friends to oogle it and plan for it’s consumption with.

Yea … my cup runneth over ….

Black Friday Five
Nov 24th, 2006 by Sonja

As posted on RevGalBlogPals …

So this is a “Black Friday” Five (aka Buy Nothing Day) in honor of the busiest shopping day of the year:

1. Would you ever/have you ever stood in line for something–tickets, good deals on electronics, Tickle Me Elmo?

Well … I’ve never stood in a literal line.  But I’ve stood in a virtual line … I had access to early tickets to U2’s Vertigo tour.  I had to load, reload, reload, until I finally got into the site and got my tickets.  It was high energy and sort of fun.

There was another time when LightGirl was little and a special Barbie was on sale early on Black Friday.  I refused to stand in line and thus lost out on this super special dealio.  So did LightGirl.  Oh well.

2. Do you enjoy shopping as a recreational activity?

No, not really.  I’m more tolerant of browsing than LightHusband, but generally I need to have a list in mind to venture into a store.

3. Your favorite place to browse without necessarily buying anything.

Oh well … that would be any one of several on-line fabric stores 😉 … I often play on their design walls for an hour or two and then “go home” empty-handed.

4. Gift cards: handy gifts for the loved one who has everything, or cold impersonal symbol of all that is wrong in our culture?

The tired, overworked part of me says they are handy gifts for loved ones … especially my nieces and nephews who love to pick stuff out for themselves.  On the other hand, the creative artist in me loves to make small gifts for friends and family and is horrified by impersonal pieces of plastic.  I think they have their place, but they can also be overused.  And, I would much rather have a gift card from a fabric store than another tchochke that I have to dust (speaking as a recipient).

5. Discuss the spiritual and theological issues inherent in people coming to blows over a Playstation 3.

Hmmm … well, actually I think this is a cold impersonal symbol of all that is wrong in our culture.  It would be easy to say it’s greed.  But I don’t think it is.  I think it’s short-sightedness.  It’s more like an inability to wait one’s turn.  Even when it appears that the turn may take several weeks.  I’m not sure why this happens.  But people decide that they have a “right” to have a certain thing at a certain time and decide to assert their rights over that of someone else.  I see this failure of our ability to wait our turn at many levels in our culture, and I wonder if this is how we handle Playstation 3’s what will happen as we begin to run out of oil?  Or perhaps we handle Playstation 3’s in this manner precisely because of how our leaders are handling the potential for oil shortages?  I’m not entirely sure which comes first….

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