Feb 10th, 2007 by Sonja

I’ve joined up with a group headed by Phil Wyman out of Plymouth, Salem, Massachusetts. It’s a real gang, I tell you. The Syncrobloggers. We’re called Synchies by our leader. We blog about the same subject (gasp) on the same day (oohhhh). It is a unique organization whereby we get a variety of perspectives on a subject out all at one time. This being February we’re concentrating on “Love” and it’s my first ever Synchro-blog so I’m chiming in on the LoveFest. So be looking for that post in a few days. And check out Phil’s blog (Square No More) to see the list of the my fellow Synchies.

Update:  As Phil kindly pointed out, he is not from Plymouth … but Salem!!  They are close to one another, but different and I should know better.

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