Dec 6th, 2007 by Sonja

I’m crying, “Uncle.”

I have far too many unread items in my Googlereader.  Not nearly as many as some people claim to, but too many for my comfort level.

I have had an itchy rash for over a month.  It has been variously (and wrongly) diagnosed as a fungus and scabies.  Now it has been determined to be an allergic reaction of unknown origins … and I’m on steroids for it.  These interrupt my sleep.  On the other hand, this diagnosis seems to be correct and I’m no longer itching.  However, I’m concerned about the unknown origins part of that.  Because the allergen could still be around.  Then what?  Maybe it’s my children … they’ve been particularly reactive of late.  ;-)  Regardless, the constant itching has been making me extremely crabby … too crabby to write or think anything of substance.

I really, really want to make some Christmas presents.  Not out of any moral obligation or pressure.  But because I found a really cool idea and I have all the stuff already here and it would be so fun to do.  It just makes sense.  It is a case of all the planets lining up, except that all-important-one called “Time.”  Pheh.

In the middle of the night last night I began to write a beautiful post … in my head.  I’ve lost it now.  When I find it again, I will reconstruct it and post it.  I’ve been having some recall issues though, with the organic RAM that I use.  It’s flaky and getting flakier.  If any of you know of any add-ons that you use for your organic RAM, I’d appreciate the advice.  Mine only works on its own schedule.  Sometimes I try to boot it up and it takes a whole cup of coffee or more to get it going.  Then there are days when it refuses altogether.

So … we have more company coming (just for one night).  LightHusband’s company Christmas party is this evening.  My skin looks like battle terrain.  I’m not normally vain about anything except my hair, but neither do I want to look like a bubonic plague victim.  Our company are long-time friends and that will be fun.  My brain is refusing to work.  I just want to sew.  I do not want to itch.  Yep.  That about sums it up.

There will be something of substance here soon.  I promise.  I just don’t know when.  As soon as I can work out the bugs in my organic RAM.

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