Merry Christmas
Dec 22nd, 2007 by Sonja

The ubiquitous “they” say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, this is high flattery for Mak, my Colorado friend who is the originator of this stunning idea … a digital Christmas card posted on one’s blog. Or that’s where I originally saw it. I am going to attempt to send out tangible Christmas cards as well this year (made on my Mac) and here is what is written inside:

LightGirl plays hockey, LightBoy plays hockey, Sonja manages LightGirl’s team, LightHusband takes pictures and drives. Yep. We’re a hockey family. Hockey, hockey, hockey. Broken up by the occasional trip to Colorado, Vermont and yes, our 20th wedding anniversary in August. There were a knee injury (LightGirl) and a pancreatitis attack (Sonja) to keep things lively, but we are otherwise healthy, happy and enjoying the holidays with family (Thanksgiving with the Andrews and Christmas with the Naylors).

Click on the image for a larger representation …

Christmas Card

I am blessed to “know” so many of you through the virtual world of the blogosphere. I have grown through writing and reading all of you as well. May the coming year be one in which you experience the Kingdom’s grace in unexpected places. Peace and Blessings to your home during the holiday season.


Christmas Conversation
Dec 22nd, 2007 by Sonja

LightGirl “Mom, what do you want for Christmas?”

Me “I’d really like world peace. … but I’d settle for peace in the house.”

long pause complete with sardonic look on LightGirl’s face …

“I was thinking of something I could buy!”

“Because if you haven’t noticed this house is FILLED with stubborn people.

So. Is there anything I can … BUY?”

At which moment I was practically on the floor in laughter. That’s my daughter for you. Almost fourteen, full of herself, and tellin’ it like it is. The funny thing is that she’s usually dead on.

Our house … filled with stubborn people, attempting to live out the Kingdom, incarnation and all. And isn’t that really much of the problem with attaining world peace too? Our world, filled with stubborn people. Hmmm … kinda makes you think.

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