For The Win!
June 28th, 2010 by Sonja

A friend of mine recently posted as her status on FB that just when she thinks she has God all figured out he throws a curveball and they win.  This statement was obviously made as a praise.  Now I’ve known this very kind and gracious lady for nearly as long as LightGirl has been alive.  Her faith is rock solid and she is very wonderful.  But the statement got me thinking.

We have this notion that God is on our side when we win, and we’re being tempted by Satan when we lose.  But what do we do with all of the red words to the contrary … like the first shall be last?  Or he who loses his life shall gain his soul?

What if we have it all backwards?  What if the temptation is in the winning and God is on our side when we lose?  How would that change your faith?

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  • Robin writes:
    June 28th, 20105:50 pmat

    I dont think God is an entity with a desire to pick winners or losers. I don’t think its a temptation to want to win. Its a desire that is set forth into the universe and we ally with that desire or we don’t in different ways: practice, mindset, intent, dedication, teamwork if applies and ability. Desire, intent, energy, synchronicity can be with us, I think.. and God is all of that, with all of that. I think for me the problem is the equation is to put God on sides. God is on everyside in some way or another, even in war, I suppose.

  • Jamie Arpin-Ricci writes:
    June 29th, 201010:09 amat

    This is a great point. We need to praise God at all times. When things go well, praise God- not because He has shown us more favour than others, but because God is good. When things are bad, praise God- not out of some blind ignorance or sugar-coated optimism, but because God is good. In all things give thanks. Great post!

  • vikingfru writes:
    June 29th, 20102:57 pmat

    Oh I love this post! I have been mulling this over for awhile now. I keep saying to my husband that life is just life, Christian or not. Shit happens! I think the difference is that we have a comforter and we have a hope. When our friends 11 yr. old son died, my husband was there. He described that evening to me and the grief and despair and said he could feel the presence of God. He felt as though God was crying over that precious boy as well. We are not promised a life of always winning. We are going to lose, and sometimes those losses are life altering, but we have the hope that soon all will be made right and whole! And we have a God who is there in those times of losing, He is there and I think our pain is His pain.

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