Lord, Have Mercy
December 14th, 2012 by Sonja

Upon a poor sinner like me.

I wrote a simple prayer … but the prayer was obnoxious.  It absolved me of my communal guilt while heaping coals upon the heads of those tortured souls who shoot up school yards.

We live in a culture saturated with violence.  We have a long history of settling differences with violence, from the establishment of our nation in blood to our latest efforts at controlling far-flung populations with drones.  We are an angry, violent people who have no reason to be surprised by this evil among us.

What is my guilt?  I do not yet know the full extent of my collusion with the powers and authorities which make these actions possible.

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  • Shifty writes:
    December 18th, 20129:15 pmat

    Take 2..

    I still hold that I will shoulder that portion of the “guilt” for the Coward Lanza’s actions that come from my past support of a media culture which creates the “dark Hero” mythology around these cretins. People like Lanza do what they do, in part, to gain noteriety. They want to become the “Evil Monster” to escape from lives that are generally marked by failure and shame. When the news media delves into the motives, mental history, family history, social media, etc. of these people ad nauseum, it paints them as something “Larger” than they were in life, and ensures that they will no longer be faceless failures, unknown to the world at large. THAT motivates more wanna-be “monsters” to begin planning their own “blaze of glory” exit.

    Unless the mass murder is committed by a member of a certain protected religion, and carried out while shouting out a stereotypical “slogan”…THEN the media falls all over itself to ignore delving too deeply into the perpatrators motives, beliefs or history.

    So as a rule, since I’ve sworn off “the news”, and their endless orgy of death porn, I’m giving myself a pass on much guilt for the Coward Lanza. My only wish is that he’d have been taken out and buried in an unmarked grave, with no media coverage at all.

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