December 5th, 2013 by Sonja

Wow … it’s been a long long long time since I last graced these parts.

I’m going to try something new here.  I call it mini-blogging … not Twitter short because that’s micro-blogging.  I’m going to try to put up posts that are about 2 or 3 paragraphs once a week.  Someday soon I will also get to where I can remember my programming skills and straighten the place up a bit.

I’ve been exercising lately.  Riding a stationary bike for 30 minutes or walking for 45 minutes.  I had to work up to that.  But now I do it every day.  I wonder if blogging will be the same way?  Can I increase my blogging stamina by exercising those “muscles”?  I guess we’ll see.

In the meantime, thanks for being patient with me and I hope to be back around here again next week.

2 Responses  
  • Erin writes:
    December 5th, 201310:41 pmat

    It will be good to hear from you again, Sonja.

  • Linda writes:
    December 9th, 20137:14 pmat

    Mini-blogging sounds like a great idea. I was considering that also, especially considering my attention span for reading blogs is usually only a few paragraphs. Like exercise, I think keeping it doable is key to maintaining the habit. I would love to get back in the habit again.

    Congratulations on your exercise routine!

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