Happy Bleeping Thanksgiving
November 21st, 2006 by Sonja

Thanksgiving is coming. Here’s what I would usually be doing. Cleaning. Baking pies. Shopping. Anticipating good smells. Good tastes. Planning the schedule for the big day. Anticipating whatever company would be coming. This year we’d invited some friends from the Eastern Shore. We haven’t seen them in a year or so.

Here’s what I am doing. Sitting on the sofa, wrapped in an afghan, coughing and hacking. Yesterday, LightHusband and I got matching prescriptions for our matching illness: bronchitis and sinusitis. Sweet. Some couples get matching towel sets, we get matching prescriptions. We had to tell our friends, “Sorry, some other Thanksgiving.” Which kind of stinks.

I am, however, still able to browse the web. So I did the grocery shopping via Peapod. Our dinner will arrive at my doorstep. I do not have to browse the literal aisles and hope that I don’t forget anything. I browsed virtual aisles and have time to remember what I forgot. The ingredients for our feast arrive tomorrow morning. So … whenever I feel up to the preparation, we’ll have our dinner.

I’ve been reading blogs. My friend, the Macaroni Duck pointed me to this article about obesity in dragonflies. Fascinating stuff that. Really. It is. What this study discovered was that obesity in dragonflies could be traced to parasites in their digestive systems. The study authors went on to speculate that perhaps (perhaps) the recent dramatic increase in obesity might be traced to a change in the microflora of our digestive systems. If that is the case, no amount of exercise, dieting, etc. can help. It made me wonder if the dragonfly husbands left their wives when they let themselves go like that.

But mostly I’ve been ever so grateful for an afghan that a dear friend made for me about a year ago. I’ve been wrapped in that afghan for the better part of five days now. I’ve spent a portion of a couple of nights in it as well. So, today I sent my friend an Ode to My Afghan. This is an indication of how far down into boredom and shrunken braincells I’ve fallen. But I wanted you all my dear readers to know what a wonderful friend I have to make me this special afghan and how much I love it.

Ode To My Afghan

Oh my afghan, so blue and so red
You are beautiful, warm and cozy.

I love you my afghan,
You lie at the ready,
Always there to surround me
with warmth and love.

You greet me each day
and at midnight should I need it.
Just the right size
Definitely not too small
You are comfortable
and comforting.

I love you my afghan
You almost make being sick
Worth it.

P.S. Yes, I realize I’m two days too early for Bad Poetry day.

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