December 23rd, 2006 by Sonja

As in, five in spanish. I’m trying to be clever so just work with me here.  Update … why o why did none of you (my so called friends) not gently correctly my 30 year old spanish.  Bleh … some days it does not pay to try and count to five. 😉
I should have known that pay-backs are h3ll … and my friend, John Smulo (or J.J. as I’ve discovered) as since paid me back for the lovely orverm I blessed him with. 😉 . He blessed tagged me in the “5 Things No One Knows About Me” Meme that is going around.

So, here are 5 things that very few people know about me … which is going to be difficult because I tend to live my life as an open book.

1. I grew up in Vermont and I can’t ski. Downhill (alpine) that is. I can ski cross-country. But we couldn’t afford the lift tickets, etc. So I never learned how to downhill ski.

2. I can count the number of rock concerts I’ve been to on both hands (2 concerts were in the last 24 months — U2’s Vertigo tour) and still have fingers left over. One was the famed Simon & Garfunkle reunion concert in Central Park.

3. I say I grew up in Vermont and that’s mostly true. But I was born in Massachusetts and I lived in Kansas til I was 6 years old (and my mother’s name is Dorothy).

4. I spent some time in college learning how to shoplift. This was not a sanctioned class, but I had a friend who was a mentor. I stopped when I got caught at a grocery store and very nearly arrested. That was when I discovered that tears go a long way toward swaying the mind and heart of a police officer. Not that I’ve ever had to use it since then. 😉

5. I am of 100% British descent. Literally all of my ancestors are from Great Britain. Well, one came from Wales and there is a Scottish last name in the mix. But as far back as we can trace (8 to 10 generations) I am British. Which is sort of weird given that some of my ancestors have been here since the Mayflower … it just seems that there would be something else.

Sooo … now the fun part … who to tag?? Hmmmm …

Brother Maynard, Mick, Patrick, Phreaq77, and CityGirl

Okay, folks, I recognize that this is a holiday weekend and you might not get to this right away … but sometime next week would be good. Like before 2007. Right?

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  • John Smulo writes:
    December 23rd, 20062:51 pmat

    See, that wasn’t so hard :-) Thanks for sharing!

  • Mick writes:
    December 23rd, 20065:08 pmat

    Regarding the update…er…because my 20-year-old Spanish was going: “Uh, is that right? I guess that’s right.” :-)

    OK, so I’m tagged. I’ll try to be good, but the place where I’m staying this week (Tina’s sister’s) doesn’t have internet to speak of. But my brother’s place does, and I’ll probably be spending a good chunk of time there (like now for instance). So, odds are good for some time this week.

  • aBhantiarna Solas writes:
    December 23rd, 20065:58 pmat

    hehehehe … yeah … quince is uhhh … 15!! So I was only off by 10. But, as they say, close only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades. Cinco works much better.

    In my own defense, I got confused because with the LightChildren learning Latin, French and German and my own desire to relearn Arabic, well … some things do get snarled up in my brain. But, then I have been known to be able to rationalize just about anything … so you decide which that is. 😉

  • Subversive Influence » Blog Archive » Tagged! writes:
    December 29th, 20062:30 amat

    […] I’ve been tagged (and double-teamed, at that) by Robbymac and by Sonja. I watched this one go around a bit before being hit by it… 5 things you don’t know about me. […]

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