iPod …
January 9th, 2007 by Sonja

… it’s the new cellphone.  The word on the street was that Apple was set to release a new cellphone based on an iPod later this year.  But later is the new sooner according to this Time article.  I find it only slightly ironic that the advertising at the top of the page is for a Motorola “broken” cell phone.

2 Responses  
  • JJ writes:
    January 9th, 20072:27 pmat

    I thought it looks really cool. I wonder how they’ll work.

  • Kievas Fargo writes:
    January 9th, 20076:55 pmat

    Although the iPhone sounds amazing, I was disappointed by the lack of actual Mac-related announcements. No new hardware, nothing about Leopard. I guess Apple has indicated where it’s going by the name change, but I still think computers are the core of the company.

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