Me and John …
January 16th, 2007 by Sonja

… Stuart Mill, that is.

I took a silly on-line quiz. You know the kind. You know you do. This one was devoted to what sort of philosopher you’d be if you were one.

I’d be John Stuart Mill. I was surprised … and amazed. It sort of fits. That makes me a little uncomfortable in my own skin.


You scored 26% Skepticism, 18% Iconoclasm, 55% Dogmatism, and 46% Inventiveness!

John Stuart Mill (May 20, 1806 – May 8, 1873), an English philosopher and political economist, was an influential liberal thinker of the 19th century. He was an advocate of utilitarianism, the ethical theory that was systemised by his godfather, Jeremy Bentham, but adapted to German romanticism. It is usually suggested that Mill is an advocate of Negative liberty. However, this has been contested by many academics, notably Dr. David Walker of Newcastle University in England.

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  • John writes:
    January 16th, 20075:09 pmat

    My results?

    (You scored 28% Skepticism, 24% Iconoclasm, 56% Dogmatism, and 44% Inventiveness!)

    We were really close on some of those.

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