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May 3rd, 2007 by Sonja

Lyn at LifeShapedFaith was talking about a survey (APEST) she took to discover some of her spiritual gifts in terms of leadership.  She heard about it from Jamie and Jonathan (her husband).  It’s put together by Alan Hirsch at Forgotten Ways.  It’s quite interesting … and based on the gifts outlined in Ephesians 4:12 “apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers”
My results were even more interesting…

Teaching … 25
Prophetic … 15
Shepherding … 15
Apostolic … 11
Evangelistic … 11

I don’t know what the numbers mean.  That teaching was one of my primary strengths came as no great surprise, since I teach almost as naturally as I breath, but that prophetic was my primary 2 came as a bit of a shock.  Until I read the description:

The genius of Prophetic leadership is the ability to discern the spiritual realitites in a given situation or community.  This leadership style communicates the elements of the spiritual realities of God’s people and communities.  The Prophetic has an innate sense of knowing the mind of God on issues concerning growth and transformation.  As a leader, he or she is concerned that changes made today are needed to progress into the future.  The Prophetic leader seeks integration between spiritual realities and immediate need.  He or she is a questioner, freely disturbing the status quo or group awareness to solicit further questioning, all to gain clarity.  The Prophetic leader impacts communities through integration.  Prophetic leadership influences others by truth-telling, not afraid of speaking in a tension with the dominant way of thinking and practice.

Well … now that makes sense.  Now it makes sense why a long time friend of mine recently said, “You tell the truth so much sometimes I want to say, put a sock in it!”  Oh.  well.  It does come in handy when talking with BelleSon.

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  • Subversive Influence » Blog Archive » Random Acts of Linkage #8 writes:
    May 5th, 200712:48 pmat

    […] Alan Hirsch’s APEST test evaluates in which of the fivefold ministry gifts people operate. I notice the acronym has changed from APEPT, and I’m not sure yet whether he sees the Ephesians 4 gifts in quite the way I described them a while ago… I’d like to sit down with Alan and discuss, but regardless, I’m glad to see a test that doesn’t mix them all around and mingle them with the gift lists in Romans and Corinthians, as I do see them differently. Tests on the Ephesians gift list alone are quite rare (I recall a paper one years ago). I wasn’t happy to see there’s a cost… $10 isn’t much and I wouldn’t mind donating to Alan’s cause, but I’ve steadfastly avoided getting a PayPal account up until now. In any event, some others are doing the test and sharing their results. I’ve never wondered a lot about how I’m wired in that particular mix, having been fairly clear on it and having it confirmed or ascribed by others… but putting numerical values on it might be interesting. […]

  • Paul writes:
    May 9th, 20079:01 amat

    cool :)

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