Five Things I Dig About Jesus
June 17th, 2007 by Sonja

I challenged John Smulo to a meme, and he did me one better. He started one of his own. It’s way cool. It’s the Five Things I Dig About Jesus. He tagged Grace and Grace tagged me … so. Here are my five … at the end I’ll tag five more people. You know the drill, leave your link in the comments (so we can keep track of who says what and where) and tag five more from your blog.

**I dig that he’s Jewish and Mary is the original Jewish mother. But that didn’t get Jesus down at all. He still listened to His Father.

**I dig that so many of his metaphors about his relationship with us concern a bridegroom and a bride … then his first miracle was at a wedding. Is that the coolest foreshadowing or what?

**I dig that he was unafraid of the taboos of his day and let us know that we don’t have to be afraid of the taboos of our day. He came to do away with taboos; to replace exclusion with inclusion.

**I dig that he made his ideas easy to remember … so when I get confused I just have to remember a couple of things. When I think I might be off course, I measure myself this way … am I trying to set captives free? restoring sight to the blind? am I trying to love my neighbor as myself? Those aren’t always easy questions to answer, but they are easy to remember and it’s only a few.

**My favorite thing about Jesus is that we’re all the same to him. No one is better, and no one is worse. He’s the original Democrat, the original utopian, the original socialist. I love that. We’re all equal and we can’t change it … not one bit. There’s no money, no glitz, no buying our way in. There’s no merit, nor work, nor talent. We just are … and that’s enough.

I tag …

Brother Maynard

7 Responses  
  • John Smulo writes:
    June 17th, 20078:24 pmat

    Dig your digs, thanks for participating.

  • Bryan Riley writes:
    June 18th, 20072:34 amat

    I like the foreshadowing comment! Very good!

    Here are the 5 things i dig about Jesus.

  • doug writes:
    June 18th, 200710:00 amat

    I complied… thanks!
    doug’s five things

  • Erin writes:
    June 18th, 20072:49 pmat

    Thanks Sonja!

  • grace writes:
    June 19th, 200711:08 amat

    I enjoyed your comments. I always love your perspective and way of expressing yourself.

  • Julie Clawson writes:
    June 19th, 200712:27 pmat

    a little late – but I played

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