July 10th, 2007 by Sonja

I found this all over yesterday, but it started with Mak. I almost got in trouble because I was multi-tasking at Bro. M’s when I should have been just talking. But here’s me … as a Simpson … and the funny thing is I have never, no never, not even one time, watched an episode of the Simpsons … not really sure why …

In any case, without further adieu, I am pleased to introduce you to, Olive Barnaby:


3 Responses  
  • Erin writes:
    July 10th, 200710:15 amat

    Hehe I’ve never watched the Simpsons, either. We’re such lemmings.

  • Julie Clawson writes:
    July 10th, 200710:24 amat

    Maybe it is because we were in youth ministry, but we seen almost every episode and own most of the dvd sets. There was a time when my husband led a biblestudy/discussion group based on the Simpsons for a bunch of high school guys. Guys that would generally never participate in anything would show up and the conversations generally got really really deep.

  • aBhantiarna Solas writes:
    July 10th, 200710:32 amat

    ya know … I was in youth ministry too … so was my husband. But I never did get into the Simpsons. Just one of those things I guess.

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