Is the Pope Catholic?
July 13th, 2007 by Sonja

I’ve read quite a bit over the last week about Pope Benedictine’s latest pronouncement from Vatican City. Mostly I’ve been wondering why everyone seems to need to make a fuss over his pronouncement. PopeB is just doin’ his thing. He’s pretty strict from what I understand and this latest bit seems to be right in line with that. Then I read this article by Roland Martin and everything clicked into place. Here’s a little teaser, but read the whole thing for yourself, it’s worth the effort:

It doesn’t matter what Pope Benedict XVI has to say, or for that matter, any other religious leader. A Christian believes in Jesus Christ and what He had to say, not what a man of God has to say. This is not an attempt to completely dismiss religious leaders, but is further evidence of what happens when ego is more important than the work of Christ.

3 Responses  
  • lyn writes:
    July 14th, 20074:41 amat

    I’ve just been reading this article on CNN, prior to checking my google reader. I think Roland made some really good points.

  • kievasfargo writes:
    July 14th, 20071:27 pmat

    I shared Roland’s experience–my time in the Catholic church convinced me that it was about the church, not about Christ. Yes, there are exceptions, but not many. And I agree that exposure to scripture was very limited.

  • Adam G. writes:
    July 15th, 20079:18 pmat

    Though I was raised Catholic, I left the Roman communion at age 17. Now, at age 31, the memory seems like someone else’s life. I left precisely because I began reading the Bible, and things just didn’t match up. The grace of God was the overwhelming thing. Over the years I’ve come to realize that many traditional Protestant interpretations are slanted due to the fact they were born out of the fight against Catholicism, but it’s not about what I currently believe. It’s about the direction I’m heading and Who it is I’m journeying with and towards.

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