10-20-30 Virus
October 13th, 2007 by Sonja

It seemed like it might be a good time to have a lighter post.

Over at relevantblog, Mary asked: Quick: What were you doing ten, twenty and thirty years ago? … But I read about it at the center holds when Sherri asked the same question … and it’s intriguing to think about. So …

What were you doing ten, twenty and thirty years ago? Here’s what I was doing …

Ten Years Ago – (October 1997) LightGirl was three and LightBoy was 6 months + old. I was at my wits end with him. It’s pretty likely that he was screaming and I was crying. He was the world’s most miserable baby. I remember looking at him at about this point in his life and I told him that I was really mad at him for being so miserable because he was the last baby I was going to have. He stopped screaming every waking moment the instant he learned how to crawl. He’s been a happy guy ever since then. Those first 9 months were exceedingly difficult.

Twenty Years Ago – (October 1987) LightHusband and I had been married about two months and we were just moving into house in Arlington, Virginia with a housemate. All the wedding gifts meant we’d outgrown our apartment (also in Arlington) and we hated apartment living anyway. We loved that house; it had an enormous backyard, but it was at the end of a deadend street and we sometimes witnessed drug deals taking place across the street from our front porch. Our neighbors were a group house of people about our age and so we had a community garden with them. And we sometimes had joint parties and other joint activities between the houses. It was a blast.

Thirty Years Ago – (October 1977) I had just started my junior year of highschool. It would be the last year I was on the gymnastics team and the last year I was on the softball team. I was probably fretting about the PSATs. And not fretting about my grades. My father was chairman of the schoolboard. I was on the advanced track in math and science. I babysat to earn spending money. I did a lot of babysitting. The going rate was $0.75 per hour. On a really good night I’d earn $5.00.

Now -October 2007- I’m a homeschooling mom, managing a hockey team and cheering two hockey players, who does some art quilting on the side. Life certainly is strange.

So … here’s what Mary says for instructions …

It’s an experiment to see how many degrees we can separate (kind of like Kevin Bacon, only it’s relevantblog). Even if you’re not tagged, don’t be crabby, just take up the baton and run with it. Here’s what I ask: Have folks post their 10-20-30s, and then link back to the Mother Ship (www.relevantblog.blogspot.com) or write a comment here, saying where you heard about this experiment and sharing where you blog. This isn’t to build my empire, it’s to find out how far we can expand the blogosphere. After all this talk about blog tours, it got me thinking. How many people can one blog potentially reach?

Mary tagged people and told anyone to play. Sherri just told anyone to play along. I think I’m going tag some people and say that if you’ve read this far you’re also tagged … let me know that you played in comments. Let’s see how far this can go!!

Doug, Patrick, Julie, Erin, Che, and Paul

8 Responses  
  • Erin writes:
    October 14th, 200712:28 amat

    That looks fun! I’ll get on it.

  • sherri writes:
    October 14th, 20078:15 amat

    Interesting. I was ten years too late to run across you in Arlington. :)

  • Paul writes:
    October 14th, 20072:25 pmat


    10 yrs ago I was 2 months rowing and still in that post honeymoon stage of what the hell have we just done and what do you mean this is for life…

    20 yrs ago i was 12 erm i don’t remember much about being 12… except the nightmare of spots, shaving of my moustache and the joys of masturbation

    30 yrs ago i was 2 – i remember being sick in a green bucket hmmm and that’s about all :)

  • Julie Clawson writes:
    October 14th, 20075:10 pmat

    Fun. I played. Although some of us don’t quite go back 30 years yet…

  • Erin writes:
    October 14th, 20077:55 pmat


  • Patrick writes:
    October 15th, 20074:06 pmat

    Okay, I’m in.

  • Mary DeMuth writes:
    October 15th, 20074:47 pmat

    Thanks so much for being a part. I appreciate it!

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