November 7th, 2007 by Sonja

I first read this on Grace’s blog, and then on Lyn’s blog (it was started by Jim at Sola Gratia).  They both have eloquent posts with Jesus saying loving things to them.  Glenn Hager also has a wonderful post … Jesus is talking to him a lot.  I believe I’ve seen it in other places too, but I can’t remember where.  They all heard from him and He was gentle, kind and loving.  Some of the above-mentioned bloggers tagged specific people, some of them just said that if you read their blog you could consider yourself tagged.  I tried to ignore that.

I ignored it when I read Grace’s blog.

And Lyn‘s blog.

I find I cannot ignore it anymore.  But this is embarrassing.

When Jesus spoke to me, He assumed the voice of a rather largish woman of African-American descent.  Then He said, “You need to get off yo ass!”

I said, “Excuse me.”

He said, “You heard me!  Get up off yo big fat one and get a move on.”

Me (with a certain nasally whine) … “Ahhhh … what about all those nice platitudes you gave everyone else?”

Him … “Get off yo ass, woman. If I thought you needed pa-latitudes I’d give you one.  But you give me at-titude.  So I’m givin’ it raght back atcha.”

So, for today, I’m going to get up off my lazy white butt and get moving.  I’m not sure where, but given the recent interchange I have no uncertainty that I’ll hear about it if I’m moving in the wrong direction.

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  • grace writes:
    November 7th, 200710:26 amat

    LOL! I’m speechless.

  • Bill Kinnon writes:
    November 7th, 200711:02 amat

    Kinda how I’d expect to hear from Jesus, as well. Thanks for sharing this, Sonja. I appreciate you being real – and have linked to it over at my humble corner of the interweb.

  • Jarred writes:
    November 7th, 200711:13 amat

    Beautifully written!

  • cindy writes:
    November 7th, 200711:20 amat

    that is hilarious. i’ve been trying to answer the same question, but, like you, haven’t heard anything i was anxious to share…

  • Erin writes:
    November 7th, 20071:02 pmat

    Hehe. When reading this post I couldn’t help but picture Mother Abigail from The Stand.

    You are not the only one God swears at! Not too long ago, God said the EXACT same thing to me…”Get off your ass and DO something!” Hence the WWJDWC thing Glenn and I started.

    Pam and I were actually talking about that this weekend. Apparently God has started swearing at a lot of people.

  • glenn writes:
    November 7th, 20071:36 pmat

    It seems like God has been prompting a lot of people in the same way and with the same language. Honesty is so powerful! Thanks, Sonja!

  • Adam G. writes:
    November 7th, 20071:45 pmat


    Thanks for alerting me to this. It makes me think.

    I’m not sure how happy he would be with me.

  • Jim writes:
    November 7th, 20072:27 pmat

    Funny! And I think Jesus says the same thing to me all the time. Thanks for participating – I have added a link to here from the original post.


  • lyn writes:
    November 7th, 20072:33 pmat

    LOL! Great post Sonja!

  • Peggy writes:
    November 7th, 20074:28 pmat

    The Sistren are agreed when it comes to honesty and transparency being the only way to go!

    And I can even see his head moving from left to right with one eyebrow raised and waving his snapping fingers in front of my face! ;^)

    What he says to me, most often, is more like, “You know, just chill…it just isn’t about what you can do or say or know, sister. It is all about what I can help you do and say and know…and you’re just gonna have to trust me and hang tight!”

  • Patrick writes:
    November 7th, 20075:30 pmat

    Last time I heard Jesus really clearly he said ‘sit down and shut up.” I finally listened to him after he kept saying it louder and louder, mostly because others around me kept saying ‘move around and talk.”

  • Paul writes:
    November 12th, 20072:57 pmat

    i’m havin a sister act moment :)

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