Wave of Sorrow – Ode to Joy
November 21st, 2007 by Sonja

Look what was in my in-box this morning!

Joshua Tree Announcement

The announcement that the re-mastered Joshua Tree is out! What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift. I downloaded it at iTunes … it can be found here. Or you can order the combined CD/DVD from Amazon. com here.

The best part of the new album is the new song included on it, the much vaunted (deservedly so) Wave of Sorrow. It’s fabulous.

I spent the day today supervising and helping.  We hung drapes and pictures and art.  We finished cleaning and tidying.  It turned out that my newest brother-in-law loves U2 almost as much as I do.  So we indulged in some calorie-free passionate consumption all day; listening to U2 for inspiration during our work.

It reminded me of why I love U2.  Why I think Bono is the next Billy Graham and the next MLK, Jr. rolled into one.  He is passionate about his love for God and passionate about shining that light where ever he goes.  The light shines in an unfamiliar beacon, but it shines nonetheless.  Listen to this speech he gave last March as he accepted the Chairman’s Award from the NAACP.  The speech is about 6 and a half minutes … he really gets rolling at about 4 minutes in.  But it’s at about 5:21 or so that he flips a switch with, “Let me climb into the pulpit for just one minute …” and justice rolls down like a river.

Say what you want about revival and prophets and who God will use.  Here’s the thing.  Bono is preaching to millions everyday.  Every.  Day.  And they are listening.  There is literally no one else on the planet who can command the audience that he can.  And he winsomely brings God into the conversation every single time.  He is captivating and he makes God captivating.  It would not be a bad thing to pay a little bit more attention.

4 Responses  
  • Janet writes:
    November 22nd, 20079:51 pmat

    Bono IS a wonderful prophet… great comments Sonja. I agree completely.

  • kievasfargo writes:
    November 22nd, 200710:06 pmat

    I remember reading the transcript of the speech earlier this year. It was a great speech.

  • Paul writes:
    November 24th, 20078:44 amat

    Bono certainly gets that christianity is about connecting with our humanity and rediscovering it in the light of the truest human who lives…

  • Rachel Hanna writes:
    November 24th, 200711:20 pmat

    Hey Sonja. You don’t know how excited I was to see that you are a fellow U2 lover! I wish I could marry the band. Ok, I’m already married but I don’t want to change that, just live in a weird double marriage with my husband and an entire band. If only it were possible. U2 sing the soundtrack to my life and inspire me constantly. When I paint it’s always Joshua Tree in the background – it just works for me creatively. I’m going to have to chase down the re-mixed version!

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