And Now For Something A Little Different …
December 5th, 2007 by Sonja

John Smulo is starting another meme (isn’t there a limit on these?). But this one is fun and is sort of like a (non)commercial break in the action. And you self-select your participation.

Here are the rules, but in grand pirate tradition … they’re more like guidelines.

  1. Write down your four favorite Christmas movies in descending order.
  2. Tag the first ten people who respond in your comment section saying they want to particpate.
  3. (Optional) Include a link to John’s post and encourage others to place a link to their completed meme in the comments section of his post so we can keep track of the meme. (I love how John uses the royal “we” in his directions … as if he has staff watching the meme. 😀 It makes me giggle.)

Island of Misfit Toys

Okay … so … rules (but they’re more like guidelines) established and all that. Here are my four or so favorite Christmas movies in (no particular) order.

1. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer … the 1964 edition and I’m partial to this for the Island of Mis-fit Toys.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas … the 1966 edition – I love Cindy Lu Who and her great big heart.

3. Home Alone (the first one) … in the midst of the slap-stick hilarity there is a lot of really spiritual stuff going on that’s worth watching and thinking about, plus I really love Joe Pesci in this.

4. Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation … just fun and the scenes at dinner knock me over.

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  • Julie Clawson writes:
    December 6th, 200710:38 pmat

    Too fun. I am so playing.

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