MLK Conversation and then some
January 25th, 2008 by Sonja

The other day I retold the story of a conversation between LightBoy and I about the difference between freedom and justice.  He’s still mulling that over.  In the meantime, I gave him an assignment (LightGirl too).  They have to write a paper every two weeks.  Their current assignment is to write about William Wilberforce.  They can pick anything about him that they want.  Their last assignment was the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  LightBoy’s paper morphed into Benedict Arnold, but that’s okay.  Now they are researching the famous liberator.

LightBoy, “Dad, what’s hersey mean?”

“What?  How do you spell it?”

“h e a r s e y … I think.”

“Oh, that’s hearsay, and it means to overhear something and repeat it.”

LightBoy went back to the encyclopedia.  Pretty soon he came back, with the encyclopedia and a very dire look on his face.

“Dad!  I don’t think that’s what it means.  LOOK!”

burned at the stake

LightHusband looked at the picture and the word in question:

H E R E S Y.

And promptly explained the difference.

3 Responses  
  • Adam G. writes:
    January 26th, 200810:32 amat

    The connection might not be far off. Lately I’ve been reflecting on all the trouble I had in Belo Horizonte, Brazil several years ago. Without going into details, the leadership and membership of the churches there have a tendency towards gossip and being meddlesome that I think creates strife. “Heresy” is creating division, not merely “unorthodox teaching.” That being the case, hearsay and heresy can walk hand-in-hand.

  • kay writes:
    January 27th, 20088:26 amat

    Regarding the pic:

    Oh the joys (sarcasm) that humans have perpetrated upon each other all in the name of ‘truth’ and thinking that they have it and others don’t. :(

  • Steve Hayes writes:
    January 28th, 200811:03 pmat

    And the connection — how many people were convicted of heresy on the basis of hearsay?

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