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July 13th, 2008 by Sonja

Select up to 20 friends who deserve blessing. Bless 15 more friends, and advanced blessing options will be available.
I found the above directive in Facebook one day.

I can’t decide … part of me thinks this is absolutely hilarious and giggles uncontrollably when I read it.  Another part of me finds this very, very sad because there are people out there who will believe this tripe.  A third part of me gets angry when I read it because there is something pornographic about that.  It’s using something that is supposed to be pure and holy; turning it into an economic transaction of sorts.

What do you think when you read things like this?

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  • Patrick writes:
    July 13th, 20087:47 amat

    “What do you think when you read things like this?”

    What are the advanced blessing options? Is oil involved somehow?

  • Sonja writes:
    July 13th, 20087:55 amat

    Yeah … I was hard hearted and chose to bless my friends the old fashioned way. So I have no idea what the advanced blessing options were/are.

    I notice that your blessing has come through, BTW 😉

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  • K.W. Leslie writes:
    July 13th, 200810:16 amat

    Um… I actually think there’s a considerable amount of truth to it.

    I wouldn’t limit it to people who deserve blessing, though. Sometimes tipping a lousy clerk will change their entire attitude. (“You look like you’re having a rough day,” I comment as I stick $2 in the jar.) But the more we bless people, the more God sees that we can be responsible with applying the advanced blessing options to others—instead of hoarding them to ourselves—and the more available He makes them to us.

    It seems you read it to mean that the advanced options were to be blessings to the blesser. Yeah; that’s karma, and though I believe in karma (I see it all over Proverbs), I don’t believe we acquire it by being good for karma’s sake. It’s only when we’re good for God’s sake.

  • Maria writes:
    July 13th, 200810:16 amat

    I heard a commentary on the radio the other day that pondered, among other things, what you’re supposed to think of a colleague who coughs up $1 to send you a virtual cup of coffee on Facebook. Probably the same thing I’d think of the chump who sends my virtual blessings — don’t you have something better to do?

  • Mike writes:
    July 13th, 20085:44 pmat

    Sonja ~ SPAM comes to mind. I usually read as far as “select 20 people” and then hit the delete button.

  • kievasfargo writes:
    July 13th, 20089:30 pmat

    Reminds me of prayer mats, indulgences, relics for sale, and the like…

  • Peggy writes:
    July 13th, 200811:17 pmat

    The Abbess fumbles around in her pocket, looking for her ruler…ready to rap knuckles…. SPAM, indeed.

    We should always be looking to bless all those who cross our path — not try to think of 20 people who “deserve” to be blessed and 15 more to super bless…. Aach!

  • Bill Kinnon writes:
    July 14th, 20081:34 pmat

    Those things royally piss me off. But I think you need to be blessed today, sis – so I’m blessing you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen! (Twitter readers would understand.)

  • Sally writes:
    July 17th, 20087:18 amat

    yes it is all rather strange, smacks of false promises and chain letters…not good

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