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April 23rd, 2008 by Sonja

You know how you’re reading in your reader … just browsing through the blogs, lazily looking at all the juicy writing, sipping your morning coffee (or other beverage of choice) … when all of a sudden you see your name on someone else’s blog and it just blows your mind? Yeah … it doesn’t happen too often to me either. Like maybe twice a year, three times when Bro M is telling jokes.

Well, the other day my fellow Scriber Jeremy Bouma surprised me, but good. He nominated me for a Subversive Blogger award. Thanks Jeremy!

Subversive Blogger Award

Subversive bloggers are unsatisfied with the status quo, whether in church, politics, economics or any other power-laden institution, and they are searching for (and blogging about) what is new (or a “return to”) – even though it may be labeled as sacrilege, dangerous, or subversive.

Wow … yep, I’m unsatisfied with the status quo of just about all of those things. But like a few of the other bloggers (including Jeremy) nominated, I’ve been a little dry of late, and feeling as though it just doesn’t matter, my words are flying off into space with no effect. They likely are. But perhaps they will one day blossom into plants which will seed. So I shall write on … and there are others who should as well.

So I get to pass on the linky love and nominate subversive bloggers of my own … here are my nominations:

Adventures in Mercy by Molly

Quirky Grace by Jemila

The Virtual Abbess by Peggy

Eternal Echoes by Sally

Ravens by Patrick

The rules of participation are pretty straightforward:

  1. If you are tagged, write a post with links to five subversive blogs.
  2. Link back to this post on JakeBouma.com so people can easily find the origin of the meme.
  3. Optional: Proudly display the “Subversive Blogger Award” somewhere on your blog (image above) with a link to the post that you wrote.

And as Jake says, the award is meant to be encouragement to keep blogging, so I hope this will encourage these five to keep on keepin’ on, because their photo is next to the definition of Subversive Blogger (if there is one somewhere)!

6 Responses  
  • Peggy writes:
    April 23rd, 20083:53 pmat

    Guilty, er, honored … as charged, er, nominated! 8)

  • jeremy bouma writes:
    April 23rd, 20087:30 pmat

    glad to know I’m in your read…honored, really :) I know how it feels to have a dry inkwell, keep up your kickin’ writing!!


  • Patrick writes:
    April 24th, 20082:27 pmat

    Hey! What a fun thing to see. Feeling a little out of touch these days and now I’m nominated as being subversive. I’d argue… but I like the charge. Gives a bit of a name for not quite fitting in anywhere, and saying why, while having a whole lot of hope there’s something wonderful ahead for us all.

  • Molly writes:
    April 25th, 200812:16 pmat

    Hey, I just saw this. THank you so much. How kind of you! Fellow pot-stirrers, unite! :)

  • kievasfargo writes:
    April 25th, 20089:09 pmat


  • Steve Hayes writes:
    May 9th, 20081:59 amat


    On my Blogger profile I’ve listed one of my interests as “fanning the flames of discontent”, and haven’t found anyone else who’s interested in that, but being subversive comes close.

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