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May 13th, 2008 by Sonja

I got tagged … actually I been tagged twice now. Once by PerigrineMan and once by JJ. So today I’ll answer Perigrine’s questions and tomorrow I’ll hit JJ’s. Today is movie day … I need to tell you my top ten favorite movies and why … here are the rules of the meme …

Movie NightThe rules of the “game” are simple:

1. list your top ten favorite films (in no particular order).
2. if you’re tagged, you’ve got to post and tag 3-5 other people.
3. give a tag back (some link love) to the one who tagged you in your post
4. give a hat tip (HT) to Dan

Here, in no particular order, are my ten favorite movies of all time …

Braveheart – yes, PeregrineMan, you were correct. It is on my list. I can watch this movie over and over again and still find good nuggets in it … even if it is historically incorrect.

Monty Python’s Holy Grail – one of the funniest movies ever made. ever. It never ceases to crack me up. The parts I think are funny have changed over the years, but I still love it. Brilliant comedy at it’s finest.

The Long Riders – the Keach brothers, the Carradine brothers and the Quaid brothers made a movie about the James/Younger gang. There is a chase scene on horseback at the end that is not to be missed.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy – what a beautiful set of movies. They grabbed me and held me captive. I watch them time and again.

Uncle Buck – John Candy … what more can I say?

Planes, Trains & Automobiles – John Candy AND Steve Martin … even better.

Overboard – the penultimate chick flick and date movie.

Philadelphia – Tom Hanks’ finest role.  Absolutely stunning film.

Ghandi – Ben Kingsley is absolutely fabulous in this role.  I read Ghandi’s autobiography as a result of watching this movie.

Pretty Woman – completely unrealistic, but I love the redemptive story line.

So … I’ll tag … hmmm …

VikingFru … so she can think about fun dates with her hubs and fam 😉

Jeremy … because now that his first year of seminary is finished, he can think about movies again

Shawn … because I’m watching the Pens (win) right now and in honor of his new AppleTV

Mak … cause anyone who smokes cloves must like iiinterehstin’ movies

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  • Jen writes:
    May 13th, 20088:06 pmat

    I didn’t know there were other people out there who loved Holy Grail. I thought it was just my roommate and I. I have probably watched that movie 100 times and I still don’t tire of it. Love the Holy Hand grenade

  • Doug Jones writes:
    May 14th, 20085:53 amat

    Hey – nice list! I knew braveheart and grail would be on there… sometimes I amaze even myself. Got to love Candy – Uncle Buck is so redemptive – love that! Planes, trains – those aren’t pillows! Never seen The Long Riders – gotta check that out – Unforgiven is on my short list of great films (I bring it up cause it’s a western, you know!). Good list – I guess we could watch movies together!

  • Sonja writes:
    May 14th, 20087:13 amat

    @Jen … hehe I can practically recite whole parts of the Grail and so can my kids!! It comes up in conversation regularly … my favorite? “We are an anarcho-syndachalist commune … ”

    @Doug … I forgot Unforgiven … one of Clint’s best. Pale Rider is also really good and has a similar sense about it … more redemptive though. Yeah, we could watch movies together, but not Silence … I can’t take horror.

  • patrickoden writes:
    May 14th, 20089:34 amat

    “We are an anarcho-syndachalist commune … ”

    Now I know the hidden reason why you like my book! I couldn’t resist including that one.

    Having the two volumes of complete scripts of Flying Circus has also meant my conversation often is peppered with random Pythonity from all kinds of directions.

  • Sonja writes:
    May 14th, 20089:39 amat

    I KNEW it! I just knew IT!!! LOL … 😀 I kept thinking there was something awfully familiar about bits and pieces of the dialogue … and I’d giggle, because when you know Python, you recognize it and want to answer back.

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  • Peggy writes:
    May 15th, 200812:52 pmat

    …four thou shalt not count. Five is right out!

    hehehe…love the Holy Grail! Way. Too. Funny.

    I haven’t even worked this stuff out for my Facebook profile. Some day I will!

    We quote from Buckaroo Bonzai whenever we hear of someone named “John” … and from Young Frankenstein, well … too many ways to count (remembering, of course, that five is right out 8)…. ), but starting with “Abi someone” don’t you know!

    I think that I have to have genre of movies, like I have with books — because I have favorites in each and they can’t necessarily be boiled down to ONE list. I was once asked for my top five books…and I gave them my top five genre and my top three books in each 😉 …

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  • Lori writes:
    May 19th, 20085:02 pmat

    I’m gonna do this I promise, I’m just crazy right now.
    Thanks for the shout out!

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