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June 14th, 2008 by Sonja

Blind Beggar (Rick Meigs) has put out a call for a synchroblog on Monday, June 23 to discuss the idea, the topic, the notion of missional. The word is losing it’s boundaries and becoming a catch-all word that people use because they think it’s the latest cool ministry word to throw around.

I’m going to add to his invitation here because he just posted the list of potential bloggers. As of now, there are 18 (eighteen). Seventeen men and me. Ladies, I’m feeling very lonely and sort of overwhelmed. Now, you know most of the men are going to post treatises that are wonderful (but long and, ahem, boring 😉 ) on definitions and complaints and they will “fix the problem.” We need to bring some balance to this mix. Some of our wonderful right-brain thinking. How do women view the concept of missional? It is a highly relational term. Hello!! This is our ballpark, jump in and write your thoughts on that concept. If you want to use poetry, or story or have a video … all the sweeter.

So, my girl friends, please either visit Rick’s blog to sign up and let him know you are participating or let me know in the comments and I will keep a list here for him.

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  • kathyescobar writes:
    June 14th, 20088:24 amat

    hey sonja, i’ll write something for this for next monday. thanks for letting us know. hope you’ll feel a little less alone!

  • Barb writes:
    June 14th, 20088:42 amat

    You gave me the needed push to participate. Thanks

  • patrickoden writes:
    June 14th, 20089:11 amat

    Sonja, can I have a go at it if I try to approach it from the relational, non-fixy, side of things? :-)

    I promise to keep it (somewhat) short.

  • Erika Haub writes:
    June 14th, 200812:22 pmat

    Hey Sonja,

    I plan to participate as well–I just forgot to get back to Rick right away :) No long, boring treatise coming form this girl!

  • Sonja writes:
    June 14th, 200812:26 pmat

    @Barb … YAY!!! I’m so glad.

    @Patrick … Yes, of course you can … I was asking the ladies cause I felt so all alone, but you know you’re welcome to join in where ever I go. We’re friends after all :) Go tell Rick you’re joining in …

  • Sonja writes:
    June 14th, 200812:34 pmat

    LOL … Erika, with your crew it’s a miracle that you blog at all!! And your content is stunning … so … I’m always in awe.

  • Bill Kinnon writes:
    June 14th, 20085:20 pmat

    I guess I could post as Willimena and Patrick could be Patti.

  • Peggy writes:
    June 14th, 20086:52 pmat

    Abi is in — left a comment at Rick’s blog. Remember from October (when I first “met” you over at Rick’s): each of the sisters’ voices is worth 3 to 5 men, so it’s more even than it looks. LOL!

    …and thanks for spelling “losing” correctly — made my day!

  • Sonja writes:
    June 14th, 20087:26 pmat

    LOL … Bill … will you also wear a dress? 😉 Or a nightie …

    Peggy … thanks for the reminder, I’d forgotten our super secret formula. Phew … that’s better.

  • Jarred writes:
    June 16th, 20089:39 amat

    I’m looking forward to reading the posts on this synchroblog.

  • Peggy writes:
    June 17th, 20083:34 pmat

    And…there are seven of us…in keeping with the sacred sevens of completeness Rick mentioned in his e-mail (there are 49 synchrobloggers — that’s 7 X 7) 8) so we’re good!

  • Sonja writes:
    June 20th, 20087:42 amat

    kathy … I missed your first comment!! it got caught in my spam filter. that is so sad. but it’s here now!!! YAY!!! 😀

  • kathyescobar writes:
    June 21st, 200812:06 amat

    i figured something weird happened…i was feeling a little left out, ha! :) i am really looking forward to reading on monday. now i have to actually put the thoughts in my head down…

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