Frightening Destiny
October 13th, 2008 by Sonja

LightHusband just came to me, as I perched upon my sofa and asked, “Would it be too much to consider cleaning this space up sometime?”  I struggled to contain the laughter and said, “Well, of course it would be … where else would I put my stuff?”

Now “my” sofa is a green micro-fiber suede sofa with a chaise end.  I sit on the chaise part.  The rest of it is covered in books and papers, with the odd, empty popcorn bowl.  Upon one short stack of books, is a pile of unused paper that is a resting place for my coffee.  In front of the sofa is an old coffee table.  Upon the coffee table are more books and papers, a stack of candle holders, and my laptop case perched precariously on one end.  Underneath the coffeetable … more books.  And Rosetta Stone Arabic.  Because one day soon I really am going to start that.  Really.  I am.

LightHusband went on.  By now we were both laughing.  “You know what you need?”  “A bookshelf?” I replied.  That’s the standard answer in our house.  “No,” says he.  “You need an Uncle Paul room.  A room with a recliner in the middle surrounded by bookshelves with a light next to it.”  “Hah,” says me “I really do need a bookshelf.”  He ignored me and went on, “I can see you just like Uncle Paul, sitting there with all your books in your recliner … come to think of it, Opie was like that too.  Oh!  NO!  You’ve got it from both sides!!!”

So there it is friends.  My destiny, given to me by blood … a recliner surrounded by books.  I can only hope that someone will stop by with coffee and water occasionally.

7 Responses  
  • Erin writes:
    October 13th, 20089:44 amat

    Now that sounds just about like paradise. Make it a swivel recliner and you have a deal.

  • PatrickO writes:
    October 13th, 200810:25 amat

    “I can only hope that someone will stop by with coffee and water occasionally.”

    And maybe a bowl of popcorn.

    Add a big window on one wall so I can look out at trees and birds, and it’d be perfect.

  • Maria writes:
    October 13th, 20081:03 pmat

    I want one, too!

  • Lyn writes:
    October 13th, 20082:25 pmat

    Oh, I so want one of those rooms too – I’ll take the large window and good view with it!

  • blake writes:
    October 13th, 20083:06 pmat

    that sounds a lot like the area surrounding my chair at home. i’m gonna clean it up one of these days. i really am.

  • Peggy writes:
    October 13th, 20083:49 pmat

    LOL! I’d need one in every room! My house is overrun with piles of books…. 8)

    …I was going to clean it up today, but took a nap instead!

  • LightMother writes:
    October 14th, 20081:38 pmat

    Seems to me I read somewhere that the size and content of the sprawl is directly proportional to creativity!

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