The Cat Is Climbing Out of the Bag
January 2nd, 2009 by Sonja

Cat Almost Out Of Bag - MTIf you’ve been reading me during the last couple of weeks, I’ve alluded to something being up.  That I’ve been busy with a big project.  It’s really big.  It’s a tribe.  Missional Tribe.

And the cat is climbing out of the bag.  Bill (Kinnon) has been writing about it.  Rick (Blind Beggar) Meigs has been writing about it.  Peggy (Virtual Abbess) Brown has been writing about it.  The rest of my fellow Instigators (Brother Maynard, Kingdom Grace, and Brad -FuturistGuy- Saargent) have been more demure.

Our beta test period is almost done.  Our virtual space is going live on Epiphany.  January 6.  Be looking for Missional Tribe then.

Missional Tribe is a social networking space with a purpose.  As Rick wrote:

It is a space for “… those involved in any aspect of the missional movement can gather for virtual communitas, will launch. It is a space where story and praxis is given emphasis over the theoretical and conceptual. It is a kinship of diverse people who practice “the way of Jesus,” a way that informs and radically transforms their very being. It is a place where the great conversations around the missional paradigm can be brought together so they are evergreen and accessible.”

So … be looking for more information here early next week.  I’ll be posting more about it then.

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  • The Missional Cat Emerges from the Bag : Subversive Influence writes:
    January 3rd, 20091:06 amat

    […] Missional Tribe. It’s been blogged about already by Bill Kinnon, Rick Meigs, Matt Stone, and Sonja Andrews. Watch for more news to leak over the coming week until the public launch on Epiphany, January […]

  • Beth Patterson writes:
    January 3rd, 20091:41 pmat

    Learners inheriting the earth: the politics of God…

    In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully…

  • Peggy writes:
    January 3rd, 20093:48 pmat

    …Grace has her cat-in-the-bag post up…if I could just figure out how to get the graphic at my blog. I am truly pathetic!

  • Missional Tribe » The Blind Beggar writes:
    January 3rd, 20096:40 pmat

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  • Preview 2009 Plus « futuristguy writes:
    January 4th, 20096:54 pmat

    […] Sonja Andrews […]

  • Missional Tribe writes:
    January 5th, 20092:14 amat

    […] Posts from other instigators here, here, here, here and here. […]

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