Beacon Hills (blogroll)
July 1st, 2007 by Sonja

The SIgnal Fires blazing ...

A Somewhat Static Blogroll – these are the blogs of fabulous men which feed into my GoogleReader and provide sustenance for the blogreader in my sidebar (the dynamic “beacon hills” via sonja).

A Living Alternative – Jamie Arpin-Ricci
Achievable Ends – Bill Kinnon
Ad augusta per angusta – Larry Vaughan
Be the Revolution – David Fisher
Disaster Area – Dave Paisley
Emerging Kids – Margie H
Emerging Parents – holistic parenting
Igneous Quill – Adam Gonnerman
Jesus Creed – Scot McKnight
Letters From Kamp Krusty – Brant Hansen
Mike’s Musings – Mike Camel
iMonk – Michael Spencer
One For the Road – Paul Mayers
Perichoresis – Patrick Oden
Perigrinatio – Doug Jones
Ravens – Patrick Oden
Re-Dreaming the Dream – Glenn Hager
Rural Praxis – Drew Moser
Sharing A Journey – Kievas Fargo
SmuloSpace – John Smulo
Square No More – Phil Wyman
Subversive Influence – Brother Maynard
The Blind Beggar – Rick Meigs
The Evening of Kent – KWLeslie
The Forgotten Ways – Alan Hirsch
The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus – Jon Birch
The Why Man – Phil Wyman
Theological Musings – Steve Sensenig
Transforming Society – Ken Tennyson
Waving or Drowning – Mike Todd
Willzhead – Will Sampson
You Can’t Fight Evil With A Macaroni Duck – Scott Walker

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