Galadriel (blogroll)
November 12th, 2007 by Sonja

Galadriel - leader of power and peace

A Somewhat Static Blogroll – these are the blogs of the glorious women which feed into GoogleReader and provide sustenance for the blogreader in my sidebar (the dynamic “galadriel” via sonja).

A Former Leaders Journey – Barb
A Silly Poor Gospel – Peggy Senger Parsons
Adventures In Mercy – Molly Aley
Author Intrusion – Lisa Sampson
Beyond the 4 Walls
– Lyn Hallewell
Bits and Odd Pieces of Mindy’s Kingdom – Princess of Everything
Cheesehead In Paradise – Cheesehead
Decompressing Faith – Erin Word
Dry Bones Dance – Christy Lambertson
Emergent Self – Judith Hougen
emerging sideways – bobbie
Emerging Women – a whole lot of us
Emerse – Cynthia
Eternal Echoes – Sally Coleman
Godspace – Christine Sine
Going Jesus – Sara
grandfather ent – peregrin took
happydaydeadfish – Holly Rankin Zaher
How God Messed Up My Religion – Pam Hogeweide
Headspace – Lainie Petersen
I Do Not Think That They Will Sing For Me – Emily Wilska
Kingdom Grace – Grace
Live With Desire – Heidi Daniels
More Than Stone – Jamie Swann
Onehandclapping – Julie Clawson
Quirky Grace – Jemila Kwon
Redemption Junkie – Heidi Renee
RevGalBlogPals – women pursuing or discerning a Christian vocation — and their friends
Rickshaw Diaries – Baraka
Run With It – Cindy Bryan
Secret Women’s Business – Janet Woodlock
Seeking the Sacred Feminine – Sally Coleman
Something Within – Renita Weems
Spiritual Birdwatching – Maria
Swinging From the Vine – Makeesha Fisher
The Best Parts – Tracy Simmons
The Carnival In My Head – Kathy Escobar
The Margins – Erika Haub
The History of the (Whole) World – Susan Wise-Bauer
The Margins – Erika Haub
The Virtual Abbess – Peggy Brown
This Stream – Che Vachon
Velveteen Rabbi – Rachel Barenblatt
VikingFru’s Place – Lori Bjerkander
Withywindle Counterpanes – Sonja Andrews

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